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Sara Warren - Delicious by Sara

Delicious by Sara is the creation of Sara Warren, a qualified chef and mother of two, who has worked as a chef for over 20 years, both internationally and on the Gold Coast.

Her passion for desserts began while working at the Sheraton Hotel in London and helping out in the pastry kitchen. What Sara experienced while working there inspired her to further her training and specialise as a pastry chef on her return to Australia.

She trained and worked as a pastry chef with Absynthe Bakery in Surfers Paradise until she had her two daughters a few years later. It was then that her genius for sweet things found a new form of expression in her daughter’s birthday cakes. Soon she was making cakes and desserts for friends and family and word continued to spread.

A self-taught cake maker, Sara’s meticulous attention to detail and love for what she does is evident in every creation.

If you haven’t tried Delicious by Sara yet, place an order today!!!

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